Aerospacelab Acquires AMOS to Expand Satellite Manufacturing and Deployment Capabilities

Aerospacelab and AMOS logos over a photo of a view of Earth from space

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Insider Brief:

  • Aerospacelab has acquired AMOS.
  • The merger will bring both company’s expertise, resources, and talents to accelerate technological advancements in satellite manufacturing and deployment.
  • Image credit: Aerospacelab via X

Aerospacelab, a burgeoning satellite manufacturer, announced it has acquired AMOS, a leading provider of opto-mechanical systems for a variety of industries including astronomy and space. The strategic acquisition between Aerospacelab and AMOS will unite the two companies’ expertise and resources to propel advancements in satellite technology.

In the press release, Benoit Deper, Aerospacelab’s CEO, discussed Aerospacelab and AMOS’ shared goal of fostering innovation and leading the industry by combining talents and product portfolios. AMOS CEO, Damien Kaivers spoke about the adaptability and commitment to leveraging AMOS’ forty years of optical technology expertise to create innovative solutions across various sectors, including professional astronomy and institutional space.

Ultimately, the merger aims to enhance efficiency and affordability in accessing space while strengthening AMOS’ legacy business and expanding Aerospacelab’s capabilities in satellite manufacturing and deployment.

Together, Aerospacelab and AMOS will expand their market reach and product offerings, ensuring access to a broader variety of solutions to cater to the diverse needs of customers across various sectors including telecommunications, Earth Observation, navigation, astronomy, scientific research, and industry.

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