Space Tango Wins $5M from NASA Award to Aid Artemis II Mission

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  • Space Tango secures $5 million from NASA for the Artemis II mission to gather biological data and support 26 investigations.
  • The company to enhance microscopy, fluidics management, and return live samples for analysis.
  • Space Tango develops TangoBox, a robotic lab for ISS R&D and manufacturing, under NASA’s SBIR Ignite contract.

Space Tango has secured a $5 million NASA award to gather biological data for Artemis II, a crewed lunar orbit mission slated for no earlier than September 2025. The company specializes in developing systems for health and technology production in space and will support 26 NASA investigations with this mission. These efforts include microscopy, fluidics management, and returning live science samples for analysis. Beyond the Artemis II mission, Space Tango collaborates with NASA on R&D and manufacturing aboard the ISS and is developing TangoBox, a robotic lab for space-based scientific and manufacturing tasks, under a recent NASA SBIR Ignite contract.

S. Sita Sonty, Space Tango CEO, said:

“The Artemis II mission is a significant milestone in human space exploration, and we are honored to be NASA’s partner. With our expertise in integrating hardware, software, and science, Space Tango is poised to enable scientific data collection at a greater scale.”

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