Clemson University Forms Historic Partnership with NASA Under New Space Act Agreement

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Clemson University has forged a historic Space Act Agreement with NASA, marked by a signing ceremony involving Clemson alumna and NASA Johnson Space Center Director, Vanessa Wyche.

“We talk about it as our next giant leap,” said Vanessa Wyche, Director of NASA Johnson’s Space Center. “It allows for Clemson and NASA to work together to solve problems and challenges we have in space,” Wyche continued. “It also allows us to talk about workforce and exchanges we can have for the students.”

This agreement enhances Clemson’s longstanding partnership with NASA, focusing on advancing research across multiple disciplines including Aerospace Engineering, Space and Earth Science, and more.

Clemson’s Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, Bob Jones, highlighted that this agreement aligns with the university’s strategic goals to enhance educational experiences and contribute significantly to space missions, including future efforts to the moon and Mars.

“We’ve been on the rise in our undergrad and graduation education,” said Jones. “We’ve put together a plan to be one of the best universities and one of the most impactful universities across the country. “Having relationships with them is the best you can get,” Jones added.

Wyche also stated that the agreement between Clemson and NASA facilitates collaborative efforts to address challenges in space, and also promotes discussions about workforce development and student exchanges. She noted the comprehensive approach involving industry and academia, contrasting current global efforts with past US-only missions like Apollo. Wyche explained that this inclusive strategy is crucial as the world prepares for future missions, including plans to travel to Mars, necessitating a broad pool of talent.

Featured image: Credit: WGHP-TV Greensboro

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