Space Perspective’s Jane Poynter Explores her Company’s Impact on the Emerging Era of Space Tourism

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As space tourism accelerates into a new era, pioneering companies are emerging with diverse approaches to make the cosmos accessible to a broader range of people. While industry giants like Blue Origin and SpaceX focus on vertical rocket launches, and Virgin Galactic employs a rocket launched from a carrier aircraft, Space Perspective presents an altogether novel approach to space travel. Founded by Jane Poynter, a seasoned veteran in human spaceflight, Space Perspective offers a captivating journey to the edge of space that’s both sustainable and transformational.

Unlike the fiery liftoffs of traditional rockets, Space Perspective’s concept embraces a gentler and more serene experience. The heart of their approach lies in their innovative vehicle, the SpaceBalloon™, which ascends gracefully from either the Marine Spaceport (MS) Voyager or NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Instead of escaping Earth’s atmosphere entirely, the capsule reaches an altitude of 30.5 km, granting passengers an extended six-hour voyage that includes two hours of ascent, two hours at peak altitude, and two hours of descent, culminating in a serene ocean splashdown.

Jane Poynter, Founder and Co-CEO of Space Perspective, recently sat down with travel blog Live And Let’s Fly to talk about the company’s commitment to sustainability.

“Space Perspective is the world’s first and only carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company,” said Poynter.

This core principle aligns with her vision of providing an awe-inspiring astronaut experience that can potentially catalyze a shift in perspective and inspire environmental and societal awareness — a phenomenon often referred to as the “overview effect.”

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Safety is paramount to Space Perspective’s design. Regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and adhering to guidelines set by NASA and the U.S. Coast Guard, the company’s Spaceship Neptune boasts a pressurized capsule capable of accommodating eight explorers and a captain. The vehicle also incorporates a Reserve Descent System for added security. The SpaceBalloon™, a central component of the journey, has a proven track record, having been used in over a thousand flights by NASA and other entities.

A notable distinction of Space Perspective’s model is its ocean splashdown landing. With the capsule remaining connected to the SpaceBalloon™ throughout the entire journey, the splashdown is gentle and stable. In the words of Poynter, “our patented Splashcone…attenuates the splashdown and stabilizes the capsule.” This unique landing process ensures the safety and integrity of the spacecraft and its occupants.

Intriguingly, Spaceship Neptune is designed to be highly accessible, requiring no intensive training or exposure to heavy g-forces. As Poynter puts it, “If you can fly on an airplane, you can fly with us on Spaceship Neptune,” said Poynter. This approach democratizes space travel, allowing a wider range of individuals to become part of the Space Perspective community.

“We welcome explorers from all backgrounds — from our fellow space geeks to those wanting to reach a higher consciousness, share an unforgettable experience with their friends and families, or be one of the first to join the just over 600 humans who have ever been to space. In every case, Explorers will become part of the Space Perspective community forever,” added Poynter.

While the industry norm has been to rely on rockets, Poynter and her team at Space Perspective draw from their extensive experience in the space and aviation sectors to carve out a new path. With over 1,600 tickets sold and plans to begin commercial operations by the end of 2024, the company’s steady progress speaks to the team’s dedication and expertise. As Poynter points out, “Spaceflight is in our DNA.”

Looking forward, Poynter envisions a dynamic future for Space Perspective. The company’s global expansion plans include establishing marine spaceports in collaboration with various countries, opening up opportunities for diverse launch locations. This growth aligns with the broader trajectory of space tourism, which is predicted to diversify and become more accessible over time.

Jane Poynter’s pioneering vision for Space Perspective encompasses more than just spaceflight; it embodies a lifestyle brand that celebrates the new space age. The company’s commitment to creativity, sustainability, and inspiration is shaping a captivating narrative that resonates with an audience beyond the realm of traditional aerospace.

As space tourism takes flight, Space Perspective’s innovative approach showcases how innovative thinking can open up new horizons. With a blend of visionary leadership, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to transformative experiences, Poynter and her team are poised to redefine how we view and engage with the cosmos.

“Space tourism will continue to grow and diversify. We know that the demand for this gem of an experience is there, and once more people experience the awe and the profound way that it changes you and your perspective on our Earth, it will inspire more people to fly. This is very exciting to us — especially as a company unwaveringly committed to carbon-neutrality and safety,” said Poynter.

Featured image: Jane Poynter. Credit: Space Perspective

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