First Female Balkan Analog Astronaut Martina Dimoska Gives TEDx Talk

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Martina Dimoska became the first female Balkan Analog Astronaut and a graduate of TMF (Технолошко-металуршки факултет), UKIM with a Bachelor of Science in Material Engineering and Nanotechnology. A Global Undergraduate Program Alumna, she was awarded a scholarship by the Aldrin Family Foundation and a Commercial Space Studies Graduate Program Alumna from the Florida Institute of Technology. She is also a Masters of Space Studies Scholarship recipient from the International Space University.

Along with these achievements, she is the Local Lead of the NASA Space Apps Challenge Cleveland, at NASA’s Glenn Research Center and the NASA Space Apps Challenge Mountain View at NASA Ames Research Center, as well as a published research scholar who is actively creating novel opportunities within her industry.

One of Dimoska’s goals is to decentralize space exploration in developing regions and countries without a presence in space like her native North Macedonia. She has researched and developed key elements involving citizens that will push relevant institutions to catch up with the rest of the world’s space-bearing nations.

Recently, Dimoska gave a TEDx event talk based on her research at the Florida Institute of Technology, led by Dr. Aldrin. Dimoska discussed the requirements that developing third-world countries should adopt to successfully participate in the space sector.

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Featured image: ‘Balkans to Space: Thriving in the Space Sector | Martina Dimoska | TEDxTwenteU’. Credit: TEDx Talks

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