Space Tech Companies Emerging from Stealth in 2024

Number of Space Tech Companies Emerged from Stealth Mode since 2023 by Segment Table

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The space tech industry is experiencing a surge of innovation and investment with at least 13 companies emerging from stealth mode since 2023. Collectively, these companies have raised almost $300 million in funding, driving major expansion and technological advancements across the sector.

Stealth Mode 101

According to Bond Collective, a stealth mode startup is an early-stage company developing a product or service under temporary secrecy. From avoiding media attention to having employees and investors sign strict NDAs, working in stealth mode can be challenging. But the benefits can be worth it, particularly in tight-knit industries like space tech. Many companies operating in stealth mode argue that this approach enables them to remain flexible, adapting to shifts in the market and evolving consumer preferences in a way that would be difficult if they were in the public eye. It is also a way of protecting intellectual property before launching a product or service.

# Space Tech Companies Emerged from Stealth Mode since 2023 Table
Source: Space Impulse Market Intelligence Platform

The steady emergence of space tech companies coming out of stealth mode in the past year is a testament to the business tactic. Many hit the ground running with impressive funding rounds already completed by the time they revealed themselves to the public.

A Look at Emerging Space Tech Companies: 2023 – 2024

Table of Tech Companies Emerged from Stealth Mode Since 2023.
Source: Space Impulse Market Intelligence Platform

Most of these newly unveiled space tech companies focus on space manufacturing and services while others specialize in constellations, launch infrastructure, and exploration infrastructure. The diverse range of focus areas is a testament to the space tech industry’s dynamic growth and multifaceted nature.

Number of Space Tech Companies Emerged from Stealth Mode since 2023 by Segment Table
Source: Space Impulse Market Intelligence Platform

Top Funding

Many of the newly emerged space tech companies have already made impressive strides in the industry, but a few are leading the charge in terms of funding.

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True Anomaly

$158 million for advanced spacecraft manufacturing and space domain awareness.


$60.3 million to develop edge computing and AI tools for connectivity, enabling seamless communication and data processing in space.


$18 million to pursue sustainable lunar resource extraction, paving the way for future lunar exploration and potential colonization.


$17.8 million to utilize LiDAR technology for global mapping providing high-resolution data for various applications, including navigation and resource exploration.

The success of these companies in raising capital while operating in stealth mode highlights the strategic value of this approach in the highly competitive space tech industry, enabling them to protect intellectual property, adapt to market shifts, and refine offerings without public scrutiny. As innovative solutions are unveiled, the space tech sector is poised for unprecedented growth and transformation, unlocking countless opportunities for scientific discovery, technological advancement, and economic growth.

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