Space Propulsion Market Map Offers Bird’s-Eye View of The Space Propulsion Landscape

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One of the first challenges when understanding a complex market is getting a high-level sense for the key players for relevant subsegments.

The classic solution: put logos on a page!

Space Propulsion Market Map

We’re frequently putting together market maps for our clients, and have to continue refining them as the (“New Space”) market rapidly evolves. Below is a market map of the Space Propulsion sector:

market map
Space Impulse — Space Propulsion Market Map

First some disclaimers: this is by no means exhaustive and excludes all sorts of relevant entities. We’re tracking ~90 companies worldwide that are at the forefront of developing and manufacturing space propulsion systems. This market map, showing 66 leading propulsion manufacturers, offers a comprehensive bird’s-eye view of the space propulsion landscape. Key players include industry giants like Aerojet Rocketdyne (L3 Harris), Northrop Grumman and Moog, alongside rising stars such as Ursa Major and Agile Space. Vertically integrated Launchers like SpaceX (no Space market map without SpaceX!), Blue Origin, and Rocket Lab are also featured, each driving advancements in propulsion with unique solutions. The choice between outsourcing or developing in-house capabilities is multi-layered, and continuously changing.

Nonetheless, we think this is a helpful reminder of the richness of the vast space propulsion ecosystem.

The map comprises everything from traditional chemical propulsion, which remains the backbone for most spacecraft due to its high thrust capabilities, electric propulsion, which is suitable for low-thrust / long-duration applications, and “green” propulsion, an umbrella term for propellant systems with reduced environmental impact. We have also decided to show cutting-edge nuclear propulsion providers, which tend to be in their infancy (and pre-revenues), but potentially hold the keys to clean and powerful thrust in the future.

If you want to receive the full analysis for all 90 propulsion providers including revenues, space heritage, funding and more – please leave your details here to receive the underlying Excel!

Space Intelligence Platform

Analyses like these are only the beginning – a full refresh of Space Impulse is coming soon. Stay ahead of the curve by signing up for our weekly newsletter here, where we will announce the launch of our intelligence platform later in Q1!

Space Impulse Intelligence Platform
Space Impulse Intelligence Platform coming soon!

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