Expand Space, A New Global Initiative to Prepare Youth and Children for Careers in the Space Sector

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In a visionary move to cultivate the next generation of innovators, Singapore-based Space Faculty is launching Expand Space, a global platform designed to inspire and guide children as young as eight into careers in the space and deep-tech industries. Lynette Tan, CEO of Space Faculty, emphasized the importance of early exposure to these fields in an interview with Singapore-based CNA last week.

“Getting children as young as eight years old to start their journey in a career in the space and deep tech industry,” said Tan.

Expand Space aims to bridge the existing gap in the workforce ready for future economies by connecting young minds with the realms of research, entrepreneurship, and beyond.

Scheduled to kick off its first annual event in November, Expand Space will bring together educators and industry leaders in a comprehensive talent development exercise. This initiative will not only offer mentorship and career development opportunities but also delve into intriguing topics such as mining for water in space or developing technology for asteroid belt exploration.

“We see a growing potential and a gap to be able to have a workforce that is ready for this future economy,” said Tan, highlighting the platform’s objective to foster a skilled generation equipped to tackle global challenges.

Through workshops, competitions and direct recruitment efforts by international companies, Expand Space aspires to demystify the space sector for young individuals.

Dr Maliki Osman, Second Minister for Foreign Affairs of Singapore, meanwhile, is optimistic about the role of space innovation in addressing critical issues like climate change, energy sustainability, food security, future pandemics, and cybersecurity, asserting: “Space Innovation will provide the answers to many of the pressing challenges we are facing today.”

This initiative marks a significant step towards preparing youth for impactful careers in the rapidly evolving space and technology sectors.

Featured image: Credit: CNA

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