A Look Back at SpaceCom Expo 2024

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The Space Impulse team had a great time attending Space Mobility and SpaceCom Expo in Orlando, Florida this week! From connecting with fellow space industry professionals to learning about the incredible innovations and progress being made in the commercial and government sectors, this event left our team amazed at what has been done and excited for the future of space tech.

Image credit: SpaceCom Expo

Some key takeaways:

Commercial and Government Collaboration

The need for commercial and government collaboration has never been more necessary and both parties are doing the work to make it happen. From military defence to addressing the issue of space debris, we’re seeing great strides made in policy and processes for businesses and government agencies to leverage their diverse strengths to meet our collective goals.

Accessibility and Sustainability

More accessible, cost-effective, and sustainable space exploration and travel was a common objective amongst companies, organizations, and attendees alike. Innovative manufacturing, solutions like in-orbit services, and new ways to manage space traffic and debris are spurring opportunities and helping to sustain growth in the industry.

Security in Space

Addressing security in space is paramount. With the global dependence on space assets including telecommunications, financial services, and even water and electrical distribution, the disruption, corruption, or dysfunction of assets could debilitate economies, public health, and even the safety of entire nations. Initiatives to mitigate risk include the formation of the US Space Force, safeguarding GPS technology, and new mandates ensuring space infrastructure is secure by design.

Thank you to the SpaceCom Expo team for having us – looking forward to seeing everyone at the event next year!

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