PLD SpaceTM Presents its Launch Facilities and Roadmap to its Very First Customers for MIURA 5 Micro-launcher that Will Carry Small sSatellites into Space

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  • The Spanish company PLD Space has unveiled the MIURA 1 rocket at its launch base in Huelva.
  • This milestone kicks off the test flight campaign of the suborbital micro-launcher, which will take place at the facilities of the El Arenosillo Experimentation Center (CEDEA) of the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA), belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Defense.
  • After completing the preparation works and the corresponding tests, the company will conduct its first test flight during one of several launch windows available in May 2023.

PRESS RELEASE — Elche / April 17, 2023 — PLD Space, the Spanish company, European leader in small satellite space launches, is making great strides in the development of its MIURA 1 Test Flight 1 campaign. PLD Space just held its first Customer Day at its launch centre in El Arenosillo that brought together key players in satellite manufacturing and operations, both nationally and internationally. The PLD Space team shared its current roadmap and perspectives to its very first customers during this dedicated visit. These customers had the opportunity of visiting the new control centre and launch pad from where PLD Space will perform the next test flight of the MIURA 1 demonstrator over the coming weeks.

Some twenty customers, already officially committed to the MIURA 5 launcher, were able to discover on site how the PLD Space operational team is working to orientate with perfection its launch services on the low-Earth orbit market, to enhance the efficiency of its value chain and to satisfy an ever-growing European demand on the micro-launchers segment. They also learned about new application development opportunities related to the operational and technical capabilities of MIURA 5.

MIURA 5 development in steady progress for market launch

On this occasion, and as announced by the company, PLD SpaceTM has confirmed that it is making steady progress in the development of the MIURA 5 programme. With the market launch scheduled in 2025 of a premium service combining reliability and flexibility, MIURA 5 will cater for operators of satellites of less than 500 Kg, a market segment estimated at about 85% of the global space business.

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“The company is moving forward in leaps and bounds in the commercialization process with a market potential of around €300 million, a figure that could potentially double by the end of this year. PLD Space’s offering fully meets the specifications required by satellite manufacturers and operators and promises excellent commercial prospects for the company” declared Raúl Verdú, co-founder of PLD Space and commercial development director.”

“We continue to work to integrate 100% of our value chain in over 100,000 m2 of design, manufacturing, test and launch facilities, as well as promoting our brand in the European and international arena, both commercially and around talent acquisition. We are very pleased and very grateful for the growing support we are receiving from customers, partners, institutions and the space community in general to continue building a globally competitive company.“ said Ezequiel Sanchez, Executive President of PLD Space.

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