New Internship Program in Singapore Giving Students The Chance to Work in The Space Industry

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A recent report on CAN, a Singapore-based news channel that covers global developments from an Asian perspective, has announced a first-of-its-kind space internship program that will offer nearly 100 students the opportunity to work in the space industry.

Launched last Thursday, the new Space Internship Programme was revealed at a STEM education forum at the Global Space and Technology Convention in Singapore. The program will give teenagers aged 17 and above the chance to be exposed to space-related companies that include the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Bangalore-based GalaxEye Space as interns. The ultimate aim is to build up talent in the industry and help students hone relevant skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The initiative is led by the Space Faculty, the education arm of local organization Singapore Space and Technology (SSTL), as well as the national space office, the Office for Space Technology and Industry. The program will also include a boot camp whose goal will be to bring aspiring entrepreneurs together from all over the world to develop startups in the sector.

Recognizing Potential

“Singapore recognizes the great potential of space technology, including its strong economic potential in areas important to us. This is why the National Research Foundation is investing in research and development to develop Singapore’s space capabilities,” said Maliki Osman, Second Minister of Education.

Maliki was speaking at the inaugural STEM 2.0 Education Forum, as part of the Global Space and Technology Convention. He also gave out awards to the winners of an international challenge helping to nurture students’ interest in space technology.

Featured image: Screenshot from ‘New internship programme, entrepreneur bootcamp to be rolled out for space industry’ on YouTube. Credit: CNA

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